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A significant turning point in my life

My first reading with Michael was profound, and a significant turning point in my life. In the weeks and months since we have met many more times and I have simply been digesting and calibrating to the information that Michael gave me about the origin of my soul and significant past lives. His readings seemed to confirm some things I already knew for my whole life but I could never conceptualize or put words to. Michael has helped me to uncover a lost and sleeping potential like he is helping me find a light, a compass in my soul that I have long forgotten about, but still burns strong. When we first met, there was an inner knowing, a heart knowing, that was activated by the information that Michael delivered to me, it transcended the rational mind. Everything he said felt true and real, in my heart, and I couldn’t deny the resonance I felt with his words. The visions and messages that he relays from my higher self, are vivid and provide valuable insights about my future path. He deciphers the meaning and symbolism in my dreams and can tell me what the overall message is from my higher self. Michael knows and feels things intuitively about my experiences, which saves us the time of even speaking about something. He has already felt what I felt. Since the first session I have felt safe, comfortable, and a deep sense of trust. Michael speaks directly from the heart and it is evident that he has dedicated his life to this path. His love and authentic nature are deeply felt in my heart.

Peter, USA

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