Self Discovery Soul Session with Michael

Note: Self Discovery Soul Sessions can be done from anywhere in the world. A photo of you and access to a mobile device or Skype is required.
In this session you will find deeper meanings about yourself: where you (your soul) came from, what themes you are experiencing on Earth at this time, and details into how you can begin or accelerate your soul mission. Through my channeling and intuitive abilities, I’m able to communicate with your soul, higher self and other beings close to you. With the messages given, you will find guidance and clarity in your path of self discovery. I create notes and graphics to be shared:
  • Receive information and guidance regarding your specific questions and present situation
  • Receive details about the origin of your soul and past lives, your special abilities/talents and information about your soul mission
  • Receive details about your connection with higher dimensional beings/spirit guides
  • Receive numbers, colors and other symbols intended to guide you towards alignment with your unique path
Additionally, I conduct energy healing and light work needed to harmonize your energy field, aura and/or chakras.
 Once our soul session is complete, I craft an artistic interpretation of your story and your codes, which will be sent to you and explained verbally over the phone or Skype. This process is unique for every individual which makes each experience so authentic. After our time together I may receive short messages, most in divine timing, which I will continue to share with you until our session is complete.
Price: $65.00
Follow Up Sessions: $35.00
To book a Self Discovery Soul Session with me, or if you have any questions, please contact me below or email me at