Four Directions Sacred Pathways Reading

Adapted Native American Medicine Wheel

Each of the Four Directions offer powerful gifts to all living beings. They are each symbolized in the Native American Medicine Wheel, which depicts life’s cycles and pathways to growth, healing and balance. The Four Directions Sacred Pathways Reading provides an overview of how you are balancing your personal healing gifts and properties (known as Medicine in Native American traditions), and how to restore balance among the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental aspects of the Self. Each card and associated direction expresses purposeful and concrete guidance for assisting you in moving forward in the circle of life. Personal lessons and tools are offered for receiving the gifts of each direction and pathway. The Reading provides interpretations of each card and intuitive insight into each specific message. The spread begins in the East.



Example Spread

The card in the East represents where your energy and focus are most needed for your spiritual rebirth.

The card in the South shows where your faith has been lost and where emotional nurturing is most needed.

The card in the West offers guidance for personal goals and a tool for accessing your inner truth.

The card in the North represents your innate wisdom, and a tool for accessing deep healing and mental clarity.



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