Reiki Services

View our pamphlet here for an overview of what Reiki is, how it works and evidence-based research on the effectiveness and therapeutic benefits of Reiki.

You have the unique opportunity to receive a completely customized therapeutic and energizing experience with two gifted souls for the price of one. We combine our Reiki treatments with energy readings to deliver our services with greater purpose and precision. We believe in the power of intention and working interactively with our clients to reach the desired outcomes.

How Our Reiki Services Work:

We design each Reiki treatment centered around the specific intentions of the recipient. A brief consultation will take place before the Reiki treatment, either over the phone, Skype or in person, to go over the details of the treatment. The recipient will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss what they are looking for. We will ask basic questions to assess specific needs of the recipient and how we can most effectively support them. This information will be used in the personalized design of the treatment.

We combine all of our Reiki services with our intuitive gifts. This means we are able to receive deeper insight into the underlying energetic imbalances being experienced by the recipient. The information we receive will allow the recipient to have greater clarity and self-knowledge regarding the health of their body, mind and soul.

1. In-Person Reiki Treatment

We welcome you into the comfort of our home in Morpeth, Ontario to receive our in person Reiki treatment. This treatment will be practiced by us both. Once the customized treatment is prepared, you will enter our Reiki room where you will lay fully clothed on the treatment table under some cozy blankets, with soft music playing and an (optional) incense ignited.

During the treatment, our hands will remain in a still position, in a light, non-invasive touch, or slightly above the body moving through several positions from head to toe. Once the treatment has begun, the Reiki energy flows through us to you, and Reik always goes where it is needed. Reiki is not massage, but rather the transfer of life force energy to the imbalanced areas in the body. It will give you a sense of comfort, peace and rejuvenation. You may feel the Reiki energy as soothing soft waves or pulsations flowing through your body, or as subtle warm or cool tingling sensations. To learn more about the benefits of Reiki, click here to view our pamphlet.


60 Minute Treatment ~ $80

90 Minute Treatment ~ $120

Payments can be made to Harmonic Healing.

To Book an In Person Reiki Treatment, please complete the form below. Additionally you can call us at 1-226-936-1338.

2. Distance Reiki Treatment

We also offer our customized Reiki treatments remotely. The only difference with this Distance Reiki Treatment and the In Person Treatment is that you can receive our unique Reiki treatment remotely, in the comfort of your home. After our brief consultation via Skype or phone, we will schedule the Reiki treatment which will take place over Skype.

During the Distance Reiki Treatment, it is best if you are in a comfortable, relaxed setting. This treatment will be interactive, as we will discuss the intuitive reading and how we will use Reiki to most effectively address your needs. Reiki will be applied during this treatment and Reiki always goes where it is needed. You will have the chance to discuss your experience and questions as they arise. With this Distance Reiki Treatment, you will receive two intuitive readings and an amplified Reiki treatment.


60 Minute Treatment ~ $65

90 Minute Treatment ~ $100

To Book a Distance Reiki Treatment, please complete the form below. Additionally you can call us at 1-226-936-1338.

After the Treatment

After the treatment, you may feel more refreshed, relaxed, de-stressed, lighter, more peaceful, more connected with your body, reduced pain or anxiety and more clear minded. Overall, it is a very safe and relaxing experience. There are no harmful effects of Reiki treatment.

After the treatment, we will share and discuss the information that was intuitively received during the treatment, which may be in the form of messages, emotions, images or symbols. This information can bring you peace of mind, increased awareness and more balanced energy. Our goal is provide you with the most enriching experience of a Reiki treatment possible, leaving you feeling happy, relieved and empowered.

How many sessions do I need?

Recipients will typically feel better after the first treatment, however more may be needed depending on the specific needs of the individual. The more Reiki treatments received, the quicker you can strengthen and stabilize your results.  If you are dealing with a health concern, it is generally recommended to have four treatments close together in time.