Psychic Love/Relationship Reading

In his experience as a psychic channeler and medium, Michael is able to provide clarity, support, and confidence for others in love and relationship matters. He receives scenes, images, symbols, voice messages and translates them into answers which can help you take the steps that are most aligned with your highest good.

When would you benefit from a psychic love/relationship reading?

– If you are wondering if/when you are going to meet a romantic partner.
– If you are wondering if/when you are going to meet your soul mate/twin flame.
– If you are wondering if your current romantic partner is your soul mate/twin flame.
– If you met someone and you want to know the direction/general outcome of the relationship.
– If a relationship has ended and you are seeking clarity from your soul.
– If you are currently in a relationship but experiencing confusion and are seeking clarity.
– To clear any energetic blocks that may be delaying or disrupting romantic love.
– To receive a channeled message from your soul about your heart/emotional well-being.

Service Includes:

  • Channeled Graphic: Michael’s unique method of psychic transmission
  • 30-minute phone call where the reading and further questions can be discussed

Booking your Psychic Love Relationship Reading:

Price: $44.00. All payments can be made to Harmonic Healing. 

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