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Love Reading

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Love Reading

Answer Your Questions In All Love Matters.

Explore Self-Love, Relationship Blockages.

Unique Graphic With Text Exploring The Vision.

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Mystic Love Reading Michael
Love Reading Michael

Love Reading with Michael, Channeler, and Medium.

Answer Your Questions In All Love Matters. Explore Self-Love, Relationship challenges.

The Mystic way for this love reading can answer questions like:

  • Why can I not find a partner?
  • What are the challenges to enjoy meaningful relationships?
  • What does needs to be addressed now in my existing relationship?
  • Are those red flags actual?
  • Am I? Loving myself as a whole being?
  • What is my energy in love matters? What am I sending to you?
  • What can I do now to receive more love?
  • Are those intentions real?
  • Is there someone out there for me?

Michael has been an experienced reader for many years. He dedicated himself to bringing forth messages to make the best decisions for your journey. He designs his downloads into a unique graphic and decodes them. The document you receive assist you for many years, as often the downloaded symbols create deep meaning in time.

Love is connected to the play between feminine and masculine energies, and recognize the light and the darkness, the wounds and the gifts you bring into this life. Exploring those themes intuitively, including life messages and your love of Self, will increase and will set healthy boundaries for yourself.

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Enjoy a new experience. Most love readings use tarot cards. With this Reading, Michael will use his lifelong intuitive abilities to download a language used by Mystics, Poets and Shamans. Combine the Reading with the knowledge of modern psychology. You will possess a document that not just predicts the future – you will create it.


1 review for Love Reading

  1. Silena

    I felt so much clarity and peace. after my reading with Michael! He came highly recommended to me by my best friend whose opinion I value and trust. I didn’t give him much information on me yet he was able to provide a reading that resonated so well with me which is how I know he is legit. The reading was very thorough and in depth. Michael is very detailed and intuitive with his readings. I recommend him to anyone!!!

    • Michael Singeisen

      Thank you so much Silena, I’m sending love.

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