Harmonic Healing Session

Amanda and Michael’s Harmonic Healing Session is aimed at identifying and working through the underlying causes of mental, emotional, spiritual and/or physical imbalances or stresses. This can be done through their practise as psychic mediums and energy healers, combining methods to get to the root causes of your questions . By accessing information outside the 5 senses and by connecting with the subconscious mind, the energy healing practise becomes purposeful and effective. Sessions may range from 1-3 hours. Sessions are offered in-person or remotely.

What to expect?

  • Insights related to the root of the energetic imbalances
  • Intuitive energy work with Reiki aimed at providing relief from mental, emotional, spiritual and/or physical pain, stress or imbalances
  • Guidelines for personal energy management

Booking your Harmonic Healing Session:

Price: $175. All payments can be made to HarmonicHealing.

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