Author: Amanda Solda

Honours Bachelor's Degree: Research Specialist in Psychology, Post Grad: Research Analytics, Reiki Level II, Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner, Intuitive Heart Connector

Phone/Skype Services: Amanda

Amanda offers live readings and counseling services during a phone or Skype call (your choice), where you have the chance to connect privately and discuss matters on your mind and heart. It is an opportunity to have a unique and meaningful connection with a highly compassionate and intuitive soul. Amanda is able to connect with your heart and soul during…

8 Tips for effortless Manifestation

8 Tips for Effortless Manifestation

Studying the Law of Attraction, setting intentions, staying hopeful and still not receiving what you desire? There are tips and tricks that you may not be aware of that may help you achieve your goals easier. Manifesting your desires can be simple when you understand how your subconscious mind, your emotions and beliefs are constantly broadcasting a frequency which continually…

Numerology 1-9: Quick Reference

We’ve created a quick, go-to map of the frequencies that represent numbers 1 through 9. This information was created through a combination of our channeling and existing research. We hope this information provides you with greater insight, awareness and direction in your journey. To be continually updated… With love and gratitude, Amanda & Michael Please follow and like us:

The Grid, Code A, Code 144

The Grid, Code A, Code 144 Through Michael’s channeling of the Beings of Light, we’ve put together a synthesis of transcripts regarding the Grid, Code A and code 144 to explain and emphasize their importance at this time. The Grid: The pure white light crystalline grid is above and surrounding Earth. This grid was created by higher beings many years…

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