About Us

Hello and welcome to Harmonic Healing! We are Amanda and Michael, and if we must use labels to describe ourselves, we will choose: psychic mediums, spiritual counselors and Reiki practitioners. We live in a small country town in southern Ontario where we are enthusiastically building a business centered around inner healing and transformation. What does that mean? We believe that most, if not all, dis-ease and stress-related issues have an underlying emotional or spiritual cause or imbalance. We practice with a variety of healing tools and methods in supporting our clients, which are always personalized based on the individual.

At the top of Nohoch Pyramid, Cobá Mexico

Amanda’s background is in psychology and research. She offers readings looking into the subconscious mind and live spiritual counseling services. Michael’s expertise is in psychic mentoring and trance channeling. He’s created a unique mentoring program and offers a wide range of psychic readings. We are both deeply invested in helping others to help themselves and discover the wealth of wisdom and love that was always within, and through this, guiding others to become their own leader.

We offer group meditation nights in our home and conduct live meditations on Instagram once a month. We are enthusiastic advocates of meditation, as this can be a major catalyst in personal healing. We are also passionate about the world of ancient sound healing and de-stressing techniques using mantras, breath and more.

For fun we love to be in nature, travel this beautiful Earth, go to our favourite Jazz bar and study the fabric of consciousness. We are innate seekers and students – we never get bored with this fascinating existence!