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Hello and welcome to my website.
My name is Michael and I call myself an Intuitive Consultant, a Mystik, and Medium.
My excitement lies in lending my heart, my senses, my mind and my intuitive abilities, in support of your journey, transmitting messages from life.

charlmayne alto
charlmayne alto

I have received a few readings, but none were quite like Michael’s. Michael uses his gifts to truly connect to you on a subconscious level. There has never been a time when I was left without clarity. I love that he includes an infographic for deeper understanding. I refer back to it as needed. Michael’s energy is amazing & he never pushes fear. I feel like his readings are informative & solution-based. He is and will continue to be my go-to intuitive reader💖

Charlmayne Alto

My Life Journey

Born in beautiful Switzerland, in the astrological sign of cancer, I was called the dreamer, the sensitive one.
My family was involved with the Jehovah’s witnesses. I was in love with books, with imagination. I love animals with all my heart. I grew up shy and sensitive to other’s emotions and feelings. Growing up, I left the JW’s and the seeker in me awoke. I left Switzerland, and my journey continued in Canada, Ontario, in the year 2004.
I became a janitor, a manufacturer worker, a meat worker, a courier, a DJ, a greenhouse worker, a real estate assistant, a painter, a handyman, entrepreneur.
I experienced heaven and hell. Following my heart, I learned more and more about myself.
I followed the white rabbit, and I dived deep into the world of spirituality, awakenings, meditation, and I started to remember.
In the meantime, I repeated the experience to restart my life from scratch multiple times. I had to face death, illness to overcome, healed a broken heart countless times.
My laugh, my heart, my love never stopped beating, never stopped believing. I answered the call within me, to help people, to live a happy, rich life. To live a life guided by a feeling of meaning and purpose and to enjoy a deep-felt connection with life.
In 2017 I started to channel energies. I discovered my lifelong abilities and gifts to connect with everything I can feel. Together with my partner, we created Harmonic Healing. My work began, I began to help people like I always dreamed about.

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