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What does it mean to work with an Intuitive Consultant?

What is an Intuitive Consultant?

An intuitive consultant seeks deep self-awareness, investigates thoughts and messages based on intuition and spirituality. She\He then translates the vision into information, may it be used as advice, sense of direction, meaning, clarification.
Typically, the intuitive consultant originates from a diverse background. They bring a mix of skills and talents to the table. Most have experience in overall Business, marketing, life coaching, psychology, and spirituality.
Gifted intuitive souls are skilled in clairvoyance, clairaudient, clairsentience, mediumship, channelling.
In short, the intuitive consultant bridges a somewhat unseen world with information of great value into the real world.

Benefits of working with an Intuitive Consultant

Benefits of working with an Intuitive Consultant
You will learn much about your intuition. You will learn to trust your truth. The intuitive will assist you in making choices, not making a choice for you.
You might be in a time of change, of transition. You might be in complex relation to self with others, or you struggle with life. The intuitive consultant provides you with a fresh perspective about the situation. They feel into possible future scenarios. Can translate dreams, perceives limiting energies, patterns, meaning, themes. Themes like:


What is the self?

Self-realization, selflessness, who am I?


What action can I take to bring me peace and harmony?


What is my game, what are the choices to take, what will I get into focus?

Love and Truth

What is love?

What is life telling me?


What is experience saying? What is spirituality saying about this?


What do you see?


Can you connect me in spirit with one another?

The journey of the Shaman

How to become an Intuitive consultant?

An intuitive consultant is born by the lifelong journey to consult she/his intuition first above all other concepts, nurturing the dialogue with spirit first. The culture of this world humbles them; the intuitive consultant learns quickly; the world acts in counter-intuitive ways.
Caring for deep emotions, feelings for self and others, for what exists in the unseen often triggers the bosses—your sight in the future perceived in arrogance. Your creativity is judged worthless. And as the intuitive heals, grows, they enter a place of the sovereignty of self, surrenders to the thirst to help others, responding to the voice of selflessness.

We are all equal in the eyes of life. In harmony with each other, we make it worth living for all of us.

Michael Singeisen

The intuitive consultant begins to assist others in recognizing the voice of truth, the voice of intuition, of love within you. Often the voice of an intuitive consultant sounds abstract, mystical, extraordinary, and yet simple. Or they are giving you messages you don’t want to hear. The intent of the intuitive stays the same. It is about your empowerment and self-realization. To learn how to be the observer of self, cultivate your intuition, truth, growth, and survival.

Fazit; An Intuitive Consultant can be your best friend helping with the mess you are in, as they can feel, see things how they are from a spiritual perspective. In Business as well in private settings.

What will an Intuitive Consultant NOT do for you

She/he won’t hold your hands like Mama or Papa, telling you what to do. Give you precise future predictions, right or wrong statements, sugar coating, spiritual bypassing.
The Intuitive Consultant will give their heart, mind, spirit to you. Self-aware of their limitations, dedicated to growth and continuous learning with life. We are all equal in the eyes of life. In harmony with each other, we make it worth living for all of us.

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