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Warriors of the Future

Warriors of the Future

With a shine in your eyes, you will hug your mother (earth)

Channelled by Michael Singeisen

From stardust, you have been created and to stardust, you will find elements in very specific conditions that now can assist you in the evolutionary process of your condition: your controlled mind.

Your mind is a powerful tool and we see how you’ve sharpened this area with new elixirs, as you are transforming you are mixing, you are shaking things into a void container, flowing into the life force that is sustainable, endless, and with no limits created within you, through the gateway of all, as you are connected in an interconnection, with many different levels and hierarchies of sustainable life; a life that asks to be more, to be more, to be more, to be expressed in the surrounded forming heart.

We are speaking through you directly as we have the ability to bypass some of the inbuilt guards that have been placed by your ancestors. We are using this technology in a very limited way,  but what we can see as we are scanning your energy, that in which love between you is expanding to celebrational levels. 

But as you see there is courage in the library of wisdom. As you create more intent to express the natural giving courage, and power that flows within, through you, with that…You surprisingly will shift, switch, new areas, new codes. Make it accessible for the upgrades, and the new is anchored in your very whole existence. You do this in very individual ways, creating a force that with time will be unstoppable.

The new form of consciousness will roll over like a wave hitting the beach of sand. It will wet the feet of the ones that have never walked this path before. These souls will have an opportunity to follow, singing “empty your heart and mind”. If you could see the excitement that we are seeing… your expression in laughter, you will hold your stomach. With a shine in your eyes, you will hug your mother.

We are here from this place and what we are seeing, is exulted. It’s been set in place, and you are walking, and you are walking, and you are breathing, and you are laughing, and you are fighting, and you are smiling, and you are taking things apart and putting them back together, like children playing with the new raw material of the knowledge that’s now been passed over from the past.

It is always fascinating to observe how the children play with the new toys. A constant smile in our hearts, in our rhythm, beating with life, seeing you so excited about what can be done with those new elements. You will use them and they will support your expansion in playful ways in harmony with your mother. 

Invest in your future with all you have, with all your heart. Step forward. Do not take any no for an answer. Always follow the guidance of your heart, strongly with the absolute 100% faith that what you are doing, and what you are creating will benefit, will support, will press through the ceilings that are artificially placed as a limiter in your consciousness. You will break through the belief in those. You are the warrior of the future. And so it is.

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