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Shower Yourself with Love

Pleidian leader michael singeisen chanelling

Shower Yourself with Love

Pleidian Messages

Channelled by Michael Singeisen

We are here. We are so excited to see all the different aspects, the things, the emotions and feelings you are playing right now. It is time in the beginning. We see that many aspects and many ideas, ideologies, we see organizations, we see institutions, we see many bonds and communities, people gathering over ideas. This is all being imprinted, for a while, to be expressed in this collective, and it will be. And it will shed more truth into your light, into your creations.

There are agendas, bonds, and a group of people now under pressure, leaving, escaping, a pressure that’s been built up and felt over the last few years. The steps are done, the corners and the pillars of freedom are set in place. Instructors are entering now the stage with a new profound speaking language, de-coding new ideas. New thought forms, into fruitful areas, fruitful land, so it can be flowered into creation. And it will start with art, it will start with people thinking outside the square…from the box, from the mind, exploding, the chains of enslavement, the chains of repetitive thought-forms. And not everything in the new has to be expressed first in rather disgusting ways. The beauty of the new will also have new attention, a new excitement, especially young ones between you, will grasp rather quickly those new ideas and concepts that are bringing you much joy, and guaranteed the care of older generations which are in confusion and fear, awaiting their karma, their things… their creation of their generation. It will be fine.

So, we applaud you, but we are not here to do the work for you. You still will create steps with every single word, thought and emotion, bringing the dawn of this day, of this time, into this existence. We will support you with new transformational tools. Those are being prepared, those are being made useful for when the time comes. Those transformational tools and ideas originate first from spiritual nature. As you see new patterns in nature, you see new wisdom coming from the source of nature, as you see the sparks of evolution first in nature. You will ask then why you will ask questions, you will ask new questions, you will then find the answers to build the foundation of new branches, new categories, new research that has to be done, data to be analyzed. Bring it all together into harmony, into a harmonic picture that requires new solutions. Those solutions will guarantee the survival of a lost and exhausted generation.

The hearts of your leaders are softened. The irritation that’s once been felt and created resistance, is now on the brink of giving up the idealism, the idealistic, futuristic visions and illusions. In the next phase, this next period, more of what is real will pop up on the surface. Climbing, you are climbing the hill for a while, you are climbing up for a while, you reached a plateau so you can rest and integrate. Integrate and anchor. Your profound heart with length, listen to the records of your library, which we co-created with you, as the spiritual counsellor of yours.

Shower yourself with love from all corners of this world, shower yourself with love, shower yourself with love every day new. Imagine how you’re being showered by love because you are. This is the force, this is the element that connects us all, through all hearts, shower them because this new love, of this new core frequency that we are now being elevated to, wants to be expressed and brought into this density with words of a new poem. The poem of freedom, and expression, individuality and creation. Planted, as seeds of bliss. Many of yours cannot see the veil of darkness, the veil of darkness cannot overcome the limits of density, of this density. Be assured you will be softened and you will find forgiveness where you couldn’t find forgiveness before. In this lies the truth. And the true key to freedom.

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