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Disclosure, AI, Space War and Trump

The money system will lead to an AI-controlled cashless society. The system of money will be removed once and for all within about 65 years from now.

Channelled by Michael Singeisen
Interviewer: Amanda Solda

Ashtar: Keep your heart wide open as we are preparing for an exciting time. We are removing the parasites, so to speak, from Mother Earth: the virus responsible for the slavery in this human civilization.

Amanda: Is this about the war going on?

Ashtar: It is a war, a complication of the mind, and minor in nature. We are the observers and planners. The light has won. It is already done. Contracts are happening.

Amanda: Can you talk about the gateways and energies coming to earth?

Ashtar: The 12/12 gateway is a marker once again for the amplification and alignment of the new timeline, of the New Earth organizational structure, as we have been building it as we did for many thousands of years. The governments are preparing. The organizations behind governments are in contact and are making contracts. It is truly an exciting time. In the near future, pay attention to the children.

Amanda: Who are the governments meeting with?

Ashtar: Us, the Galactic Command.

Amanda: Preparing for what?

Ashtar: For the disclosure of our existence. There is a very high possibility of this before March 2018. Or it will be postponed like it happened so many times. It is you as the collective deciding right now. It will be of a relaxed nature, and then much confusion as well. The children of this Earth are helping with this challenge for some. The religious structures are collapsing, and turn the lost ones into total surrendering at this moment, in time.

Amanda: Is this related to Trump?

Ashtar: Yes. He is a Nordic from the Nordic race. He is being played to awaken what is in un-alignment with the new concepts of a new consciousness reigning down to earth.

Amanda: What are the parasites of Earth?

Ashtar: Souls less experienced and controlled through AI and chips. The reason for this war is the introduction of AI which existed now for many years and is now brought out to the open for humans to accept. The agenda of AI is serving 2 sides of a coin: it is now a theme which one and how you choose. This technology will impact the New Earth. Expect mass arrests soon, globally. It is in connection with the changes in money. The money system will lead to an AI-controlled cashless society. The system of money will be removed once and for all within about 65 years from now.

Amanda: Why will the parasites be arrested?

Ashtar: Fraud. Pedophilia. Murder. The collective is preparing for the arrest of many parasites: souls controlled by the greys and multidimensional beings with lower intentions.

Amanda: What is your guidance?

Ashtar: You have the ability to grow so I recommend focusing on the purity of your heart, to trust in the process, to do the healing and to continue the journey into dimensions and soul to help with the ascension process of Mother Earth Gaia. Healing is a theme played by the mass collection and is at the beginning of birth hours of a new revolution as the awareness about the energy field behind the matter is more and more discovered and being implemented in new ideas about your body and their response. The collective needs to understand that what you do as of this moment will decide many years from now. Be aware. Watch your thoughts, words, and steps.

The commands of the Galactic Centre are with you. Blessed are your souls.

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