White Buffalo Calf Woman: Seven Pathways to Wisdom & the Feminine Christ Resurrection

Part 1: The Legend

It was told that next time there is chaos and disparity on Earth, she would return again. She said she would return as a White Buffalo Calf. Some believe, she already has.”

– Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe of the Lakota Nation

The legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman takes place around 2,000 years ago in a Lakota Nation of the Great Plains in North America. While there are several versions of the legend, the story has never been forgotten. What’s really exciting is how since the 1990’s, several white buffalo calves have been reportedly born. This is leading many to think we are truly at the end of one age and the beginning of another. The White Buffalo Calf woman, among other things, symbolizes the end of an age and the beginning of a new age, marked by peace, understanding and harmony.

Here’s how the story goes: There was a group of people in the Lakota Oyate Nation who were living in disharmony and chaos. There was great imbalance among the land, there was no food to eat, the people were starving. One early morning, two men were out to hunt. They searched everywhere but didn’t find anything. During their hunt they saw a figure from far away, strangely, the figure seemed to be floating towards them. As this mystical being came closer, they saw that it was a beautiful young woman. She wore white buckskin, embroidered with sacred designs with radiant colours. The men knew that she was no ordinary woman. She was holy (wakan), and became known to be White Buffalo Woman (Ptesan-Wi).

She was carrying with her a large bundle and sage leaves. She was exceptionally beautiful and powerful. The men knew they were in the presence of a very sacred being. Some say she arrived from the Pleiades star system. The White Buffalo Woman gave the two men a message: she announced that would return to their people and that they should prepare their camp to make it holy for her stay.

After the men returned to the camp and told everyone what had happened, they made their space ready and waited for her arrival. After 7 days, White Buffalo Calf woman appeared to them, again descending from a cloud, still with her bundle. She spent four days with the people, she taught them the Seven Sacred Ceremonies. These ceremonies would become the basis of most spiritual practises in Native American nations. She taught the people that Creator owns the Earth, and we must be responsible caretakers of our land. She told them to always be mindful that the children are the future of The People.

Later she revealed what was in her bundle: the sacred pipe (chanunpa). She gifted it to the people as a symbol of peace, understanding and unity. She showed them how to use it, and how it must always be honoured with the highest reverence. Through that reverence, reverence for the individual, each other and for all of life will be strengthened. She taught the people how the bowl represents Mother Earth and the rising smoke from the bowl is Creator’s breath, the living breath of Grandfather, and the Great Mystery.

She taught the people the importance of sacred prayer and how every day life is sacred. She told them how their prayers of gratitude elevates all beings with love and respect.

Upon leaving the tribe, she told the people that she will return again at the end of an age, and she will appear as a white buffalo calf.After White Buffalo Woman left, the people were provided with miraculous abundance, with everything they needed to live in complete peace, joy and harmony. While Buffalo Calf Woman since became a great honored legend and a Goddess of wisdom.

Part 2: Native Teachings of the North Shield

The following teaching was expressed through Native American medicine teacher Jamie Sams. This is a summary of her story, as told by her in her book Sacred Path Cards.

One day, in Dreamtime (similar to Journeying or out-of-body meditation), she was taken to a forest where she was connected with a Sacred Spirit Buffalo, who said to her:

“…follow my horns skyward to the Council of Elders for the teaching of the North Shield. There you will be given three trails that lead to wisdom and you will know the lessons of the Sacred White Buffalo.”

– Jamie Sams, Sacred Path Cards, p. 108

In Native American teachings, the direction of the North represents wisdom, elders, the mental energy body and the element of wind. In her journey, Jamie was led to the Council of Elders where she was greeted by three Elders. There was a Grandmother, a Grandfather and Great White Buffalo Calf Woman. Each Elder provided Jamie with a symbol and a pathway to knowing wisdom.

First, the Grandmother handed Jamie a conch shell to symbolize listening. She explained how this symbol represents the power and importance of listening to all living beings, as well as Mother Earth. The teaching is that through understanding that all living beings are conscious and intelligent, and through learning to quiet the mind, one can reach wisdom through listening. 

Second, the Grandfather gave Jamie a Tomahawk to represent the Peacemaker, who is skilled in knowing how to properly use the truth and the best way to obtain peace. Through knowing when to defend the truth, when to forgive and when to compromise, one can reach wisdom through proper use of truth, forgiveness and humility.

Lastly, Great White Buffalo Woman placed a sacred Pipe in her hands. The Pipe is a symbol of peace, balancing one’s male and female aspects and prayers of gratitude for Creator. Many traditions use the term Peace Pipe, to symbolize togetherness, forgiveness, healing, communication – whatever supports arriving at greater peace. The third pathway to wisdom is arriving at peace through balance and offering prayers of gratitude for Creator’s perfect mystery.  

Seven Pathways to Wisdom:

  1. Listening
  2. Proper use of Truth
  3. Proper use of Forgiveness
  4. Proper use of Humility
  5. Peace
  6. Balance
  7. Prayer

Part 3: White Buffalo Woman, Embodiment of Divine Feminine Christ

“I came in the form of a pure white buffalo calf as a prophecy of their spiritual abundance. I blessed them with the responsibility to maintain a clear pathway home for humanity to reconcile with the heart of its innocence. I entrusted them to live as stewards of peace with all beings on this planet.”

– Kaia Ra, The Sophia Code, p. 281

Kaia Ra’s book called The Sophia Code describes Keycode Initiations for the uprising of Divine Feminine energy across Earth. The book includes transmissions from several female Ascended Masters with the importance of each being’s messages described in detail. One of these beings is the White Buffalo Calf Woman, who describes herself as a Divine Feminine Ascended Master mentor, embodiment of Divine Feminine Christ. She describes how she brought with her lightning medicine for the hearts of the people. The legend is more or less described the same as what’s written above, yet with greater depth and detail of the significance. She teaches how prayer is our greatest medicine, and that she wishes for women to learn strong prayer for their personal sovereignty, so humanity can experience the reconciliation of the Divine Feminine Christ consciousness. She teaches how the power of full prayer in the present moment can cleanse all timelines of suffering and restore peace on Earth. I highly recommend this book if this material interests you.

“For women are the buffalo of community: birthing and raising every generation from the prayer of their wombs. When women are supported to dream in peace, men become woven into their prayer and know their own worth by supporting their women birthing a new paradigm into reality.”

– Kaia Ra, The Sophia Code, p. 284

You can call upon the Spirit of the White Buffalo Calf Woman through your intention and full prayer in the presence. Use the above pathways and codes to deepen your connection. She can assist in periods of disharmony, inner-chaos and strife.

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    My beloved I bow over the Rainbow with All my Relatives.
    WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother, elder crystal child

  2. August 25, 2019 at 5:41 pm

    White Buffalo Calf Woman is the Divine Feminine Principle returning sophianic consciousness or wisdom to the earth, is the Daughter of God made through the Christos-Sophia genetic bloodline through Aquaelle, and is the spiritual emanation of Perfect Peace. Her male counterpart or twin is White Navajo, the Divine Male Principle, the Son of God made through the Christos-Sophia genetic bloodline through Aquaelle, or the spiritual emanation of Perfect Peace.

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    Thank you.

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