What is Channeling? About, Benefits & Tips

What is channeling?

There are different forms and processes of channeling. Creative channeling is allowing the creative essence and energy of the universe to flow through you. Many well known geniuses are creative channels, e.g. Mozart. Trance channeling on the other hand, is a psychic process involving a medium transforming their state of consciousness into a trance state, allowing spiritual beings to speak through him/her. Beings can include angelic beings, ancestors, nature spirits, extraterrestrials and many other multidimensional beings, including one’s higher self or oversoul. Either method of channeling can be expressed through many forms, including but not limited to: spoken or written messages, drawing, painting, sculpting and music.

How does it work? Channeling is typically enabled during a state of surrender, with letting go of the rational mind and allowing yourself to be a receptive channel for higher forms of energy. It can involve tuning in to unseen realms, and establishing a resonance, or connection, with a specific frequency. Through you, these energies can be translated into meaningful expressions.

Can anybody channel? The vast majority of people are born with the ability to channel. It is a matter of one’s state of consciousness, focused intention and practise. It’s likely to channel without being aware of it. Have you ever done or said something and didn’t know where it came from?

How can it benefit you and others in your life? Channeling can enrich your life in many ways. Frequent channeling brings you closer to your core, allowing you to discover and receive deep wisdom, joy, creativity, peace and unconditional love. The information received through channeling can also be your personal source of practical guidance and solutions for everyday or long-term challenges.

Tips for channeling:

Be grounded and centered

Hold a space of love and gratitude

Set intentions before channeling

Trust your intuition


Let go of expectations!

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