Pleiadians: Native Spirit and Collective Updates

We are the army of light. Army of light. Army of flight. Army of light and flames. We won. We are here to come and share a story with you. This is a story of a young man that was once riding horses into this land. Fruits were hanging. Gold was laying on the edges of the streets. Women were laughing and cooking. Delicious, was the time, as this young man found a cobra. This cobra saw the love in the young man. The cobra bit the young man’s eye ball. And so, the young man began to see with one eye. This is the story of your DNA. This young man is riding again. This young man is symbolizing the seed of thought form in your younger generation.

Asking about how to connect with the Native Spirit:

In the laughter…that will connect you with them. With the hidden and smitten humours that you see, in the angles and the eyes as they are talking almost in a different language. In this way, you can connect with them. Connect with them through childish play and toys, which inhabits wonder and surprises as they are willing to share with you expanded consciousness, the way things always were, followed and believed…. There is a grand sense of loss in their own healing, as their own nation. This loss causes the feeling of homesickness, a missing connection that can now be bridged with opportunities like these: opportunities to bring in more of the knowledge of the star wisdom, and actions of the Pleiadians, as they possess keys for having more direct connect with the Native Spirit. Feelings are being expressed through crystalline ways; a love signature is added to all channeled information.

We are coming forth as the Pleiadians. We are with you at this time, as we are strongly urging you to be the advisor, as the coming events are clear and near and happening all around you, as you see the beauty of unfolding new consciousness like the flower of a lotus, represented in you as in the collective through more manifestation of peace. More manifestation of a certain uncertainty. Things are unfolding with impatience of “how?” and “when?”. Senses are being experienced, finally received into answers, into the mind’s visuals. We are here today to say that this transformation will be the first time, division, the second, as in the third, you will connect all the missing dots into one greater picture.

Technology is not here to be totally altered. It will lead to astounded faces; scared you will be. This new technology also brings forth exhilaration and the end of many dogmatic energies of hidden agendas.

Asking about the current state of agreements with the Anunnaki about the future decisions of Earth:

Nothing is decided as of yet in this period of transformation. The things that are unfolding are happening according to prior agreements already made. As long as those contracts are not fulfilled, there is this time of observation, which we are currently in. We are being present in this time as observing how things are unfolding that were once decided in older conferences between the nations, of universal nature.

[This transmission was trance channeled by Michael and interviewed by Amanda. If you have any questions whose responses would be valuable to yourself and others, we are happy to ask them during a transmission. Get into contact with us! We’d love to collaborate and expand consciousness together.]

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