October Surprise – Arcturians

We are speaking of the events you’re asking about. In these painful times, we are sensing the uproar of many people. We are seeing there are now signs and events unfolding following this marker, that could alert many hidden times and agendas. We are speaking from experience, we’ve been in a similar situation before. There are timelines that are being decided right now.

Regarding the ‘October Surprise’, it will present itself as very harmless. But this harmlessness will create more and more expectations…the question, “Is this is real or not real?” The dimensions are getting thinner as timelines are getting thinner. Every little step is adding more to the question, “Is this happening or not?” We will be witnessing decisions that are made behind banks, behind tables of corporations, that will determine the outlook and direction of this humanity.

What you can feel is this sense that you are being played like a puppet, following the puppet master, not knowing, undecided.

We’re seeking confirmation. It will be brought forth until October 13th where you’ll find more clarity in all this.

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