Personalize Your Daily Healing Prayer

This prayer is adapted from our personal prayer that we say together each morning. It is very helpful in bringing us into harmony and strengthening our energy field. It is an interactive prayer, which requires you to engage in personal practices each time you say it. Personalize the prayer to best suit you and your intentions. Enjoy!

I am here, [state name]. I am connecting to my angels, guides, guardian angels, the archangels and ascended masters, my ancestors, my soul family, Father Sun and Mother Gaia. [modify list so it feels best for you]

Today, I am very joyful and grateful about: [say or think about a few different things each day].

I am asking for each of my energy bodies to be cleansed and purified. Archangel Michael, please protect me from all energies not serving me, now and forever. I am asking for the healing support from Archangel Raphael and all the healing angels. Please allow this healing to strengthen my body, lighten my mind and renew my soul in ease. Thank you!

Today, I’d like to call upon _______ for _______ [state a being or group of beings you feel connected to that day, with a specific area of support in mind].

I intend to live each day in harmony with divine connection.

I choose a life of health, prosperity and peace.

I choose the path of least resistance.

I am living in the purity of my heart.

It is safe for me to be my true self.

It is safe for me to be loved and healed.

It is safe for me to be playful.

I give and receive in balance.

I forgive others and myself in ease.

I am healed in compassion and grace.

I am whole and complete.

I am perfect health.

I am love and joy.

I give you all of my fears, worries and doubts. I give you all of my limited beliefs and ideas. I give you everything holding me back from my full potential. Please replace all of these untruths with love and integrity. May you stay with me in loving wisdom, protection, guidance and healing. Please protect and bless all of my loved ones. I love you, I honour you, I thank you. And so it is.


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