Collective Tune-In and Messages: September 17, 2018

When I first tuned in to the collective, I was taken to a scene with a black cat with golden eyes – she feels observing and astounded about her external surroundings. There was also a sense of fear with this cat – in the way of holding back and being cautious of what was happening around her. She was also searching for a home, wanting to feel safe with everything newly integrated over the last few months. The cat was also wondering with her tail straight up, feeling excited about the magic that’s coming.

Channeled Messages:

  • Take action to overcome every last fear and anxiety
  • Push yourself – expand yourself outside of your comfort zone
  • Be very discerning with your intuition – be aware of what you’re creating when you translate information from the unseen
  • Whatever information comes to you must be evaluated from yourself and confirmed with your own intuition
  • Create the feeling of independence
  • It feels like there’s a new approach to how the collective wants to group together to reach a common goal; the construction of a new paradigm.

Main message: do not give any of your power or energy to the old paradigm, such as:

  • “Authority” figures
  • Mass media
  • Organized religion



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