An Introduction to a New Era…

Herold in the joy of creation.

Embellish the choirs that sing the songs of the One Heart.

May the children be born unto the Queens of this Earth,

the ones raising the Goddess herself.


Marry the forces of love with the Word.

Marry the words of good and evil.

Marry the evil that remains hidden in the dark.


Say goodbye to the old.

What is not love will perish.

You hear these words, but how do they feel? What do you think?

The minds of many will determine many futures and many timelines.


Do not lose the wisdom of serenity.

Make love to Nature with the eyes of your soul.

Learn her stories. Offer your grace.

Invest your energy in sustainability.


Rejoice in the knowing that all is love and all is well.

Be in love. Speak in love. Think in love.

Love is, and so it shall be!

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