Archetype Reading

For context and background information on archetypes, please check out my blog post here.

Confronting your archetypes is a courageous way to learn about your conscious and unconscious psychological patterns, as well as how you engage with yourself and the world around you. Once these archetypal energies influencing your personality come in to your awareness, you can make empowering decisions based on which aspects are serving you and which ones are not serving you.

Carolyn Myss created a card deck of 74 archetypes, each with a light aspect and shadow aspect. Each card signifies an archetype that has become personalized in your psyche. In this reading, I will disclose your personalized archetypes in a document, along with an intuitive interpretation of each archetype.

Examples of Archetype Cards

Examples of Archetype Cards


1 Card Archetype Reading – $5

4 Card Archetype Reading – $20

8 Card Archetype Reading – $35

How to get started?

Send your name, a recent picture of yourself, along with any specific questions you may have. The payment can be made to HarmonicHealing.

Once your information and payment have been received, Amanda will confirm with you when your session has begun.

*Custom orders are available. Please email me!

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