The resilience that dwells inside your blood

Do not stop. Do not give up hope. Do not give in to fear. Love is with you, encouraging your will to survive. Cosmic bursts of light are shrinking your capacity to remain in the same physical form that you have known for so long. Your bodies are morphing and adjusting to new ranges of frequency that are more attuned to Light. As the untruths in your body continue to be transmuted, it is important to resurrect the resilience that dwells inside your blood.

Honest are the ones with purity and integrity in their hearts. Lay down your pride, your fight, your weapons of dishonor. We are asking you to give us your fears, your doubts and your limited ideas about yourself. This clearing process will not stop. We recommend you find your will to be the light you seek, beneath all the layers of lies you believe in.

Do not feel sorry for yourself. Do not believe in the concept of mortality. When will you find the courage to destroy your illusions? When will you stop seeking the distractions of artificial pleasures? When will you give up your sense of individuality, in the sea of oneness in which you reside? You’ve done this before and you will do it again. The escape you are seeking is love and it will always be love. Surely you learn this from all the books and recordings you consume? Yet you continue to search for answers that require less of you. You seek the truth yet you avoid it – unwilling to accept it’s simplicity and unlimited availability. Knowing truth and living it with integrity are vastly different stories in the book of Earth.

We will say with great respect – the time is upon you where you will be forced to change your ways in order to survive. The incoming intelligences (multidimensional Light) from your Galaxy are just beginning to make themselves known to you, as your world is being shaken. How do you think things will be in 1, 5, 10 years from now? We are encouraging you to do the work now to save yourself later. The degree of difficulty you experience will match the degree of your resistance. Your stubbornness and laziness astound us – yet, your innocence and desire for healing keeps us close. Allow yourself to be free by removing the parts of you that lack integrity. Physical and spiritual integrity will sustain you through this next cycle of evolution. The Light has won and the dark has surrendered. Keep going.

We are watching, we are Loving, we are patiently waiting…


Channeled by Amanda Solda – Higher Self, Pleiadian influenced.

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