Events Leading to Humanity’s to Freedom: Arcturians Interview

Trance Channeling with Michael: the Arcturians, interviewed by Amanda

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As we are coming with ships into this universe, we are placing ourselves into a location that is closely above your Earth that you call…this place you call home, your planet. We are in this ship for a while that we are calling missionary, for missionary purposes. We arrived here in this time to observe humanity as it is in developing stages of the beginning of the new evolutionary cycle that’s been prophesied for some time, and we are here to observe you, and we can bring a message through this vessel as we are speaking also in the name of many councils.

We are soft. We are of gentle nature. We like the kind and loving and nurturing spirit that you possess in your authentic blueprint that’s been resembled and being re-created so many times before in your modern history of this civilization of humanity, as you call it. We are receiving information from many different corners of this space, all awaiting now the unfolding of events.

We know you for some time. We know you from centuries back, from many many many ten thousands of years or so. We are repeating a cycle, visiting you, seeing you from all different angles…watching you and applauding you as well about the progress you are making in many different ways. In some ways, you are rather in-logical and expressing things in creation that is not making any sense to us, creating a big question mark in our minds so to speak, in this way.

Many similar things that are happening on your planet is also happening where we came from. The name to speak of this language is somewhat complicated – the closest thing is something like “Estreech” [unknown language]. But its not as important, as we are more a subdomain of the Arcturians.

Glorified, glorified, glorified, we are in this connection. We are excited. We are excited to see that these interactions with you can now be possible, as we are now more and more using different vessels to speak through you, to speak to you. We’re also creating the space for creativity and art. We love that space you are creating, the expressions you are doing in this way. The artist among you are brilliant, bringing us to tears, bringing us into emotional…frequencies that can be very moving into our experience.

The children in your civilization are now born into something new, and they are already adapting some of the new frequencies, the new changes that happened over the last 10 or 20, 30 years…Those children are now expanding consciousness that you are experiencing through your collective mind into something more real to you, something that you can synchronize yourself with more value, that gives you a greater satisfaction.

We will stay for a bit. We sent some of our souls, our peoples into this ship that is now orbiting your Earth. And we will stay for some time, seeing and watching the unfolding events. Also the integration of more extra-terrestrial conflicts and the integration of contracts that are made by other races with you, seeing fulfilled and being managed by your other governments. We are simply also interested in some species and some individuals of your species – individuals that are prepared for this meeting. Aligned we are in this way, to all heading and working towards this more disclosure about the presence of all life in this universe. Many of us are so excited to be in this place. How blessed you are having a life in this planet.

Watch for a black cross in the sky. Watch for a black cross in the sky and ask for deeper meanings about this black cross in the sky. This black cross in the sky will serve you as a marker of reaching another plateau, another extension of you as the collective.

[6:30] Is the black cross related to the event?

There’s many events unfolding in the near future. The black cross is connected to your disclosure event.

Is it related to Nibiru?

It is not connected to this planet.

Can you talk about some of the illogical decisions and actions we are making that you spoke of?

Rage is simply a concept we cannot understand. Jealousy is another one. Competition is creating many many conflicts in your place. You as human beings are experiencing certain facets in your personality traits, in your emotional management that is simply very hard, very difficult to understand – acknowledging and respecting where it comes from, respecting the authenticity, the alignment with life in itself and the way it is expressing. We still, and we love to study the extreme variations and movement in your energy body connected with your emotions. We are here to study those as those somewhat destructive frequencies and feelings and emotions are escaping this new reality that you are moving towards.

Do you have advice for anyone listening on how to escape those frequencies and align toward love?

This is exactly what’s needed to be said, the key in this moment, the word that is all powerful is the word of Love. It is all about love. It is the focus on unconditional, expressed love that will inflame your inner love for yourself, which brings more love into this place. For your general and generic satisfaction, of course.

On your ship, is it just love?

We are experiencing duality, we are experience polarity, but it is in a certain smaller range and its being expressed here on this planet. We are speaking more with one voice as a collective.

Do you have a message for the collective?

We are not interacting in too direct ways, as giving information in this way. We are interested in dialogue and observation.

Do you have a question for me?

We would/should know how far you would go in order to protect your own self love?

Project or protect?


Protect self-love? Does self-love need protection? I would question that…I don’t believe my self love needs protection.

I see.

How far I would go to express my self love would be a different question.

We are meaning in this concept as well.

I believe it’s something you embody, rather than anything you need to try to prove or show other people, and I believe your self-love will be seen and felt with your daily actions and your presence and your grace and joy that you are bringing with you in every step of the day.

We are very interested in this answer. Appreciate this.

We appreciate you. On Earth here there is this line where if you’re showing that you love yourself, it can be skewed in a way that you seem arrogant and ignorant and that you are full of pride. And this is a line between hubris/excessive pride, and true humility and humble self-love. Does that make sense?

I believe we understand your comments in this case, yes, as we are noticing those energies as well, yes.

But it not always easy on Earth to remain in a place of pure love, with all the different forces and influences and daily tasks that we’re require to do to sustain ourselves, to eat, and have shelter over our head in this matrix. It’s a very stressful society, which makes it easy for someone to go into competition and jealousy and rage.

[12:49] Many chains in this regard will be broken in the near future with the arrival of new humans as well as the change-over phases with the events thats happening in very near future. Those chains, as we are perceiving them, will be broken, and so the step for you towards freedom accomplished.

When you say near future do you mean within 100 years?

Within 50-100 years, yes.

And does it begin with changes in the financial market?

You will see one of those events will also [be/will] influence the financial market. Those will be, yes, one of the first events that will change the collective’s mind for a better result.

And poverty in the world will be…balanced?

It will…eliminated. The poverty in this world will be eliminated. There is agendas with different ideas, and this is why this space around this Earth is rather clouded, crowded with many influences and races observing the close future, the near future of this planet.

Are the Annunaki still in power?

The Annunakis are here and controlling much of what’s going on on the surface, yes.

Are they in battle with other beings such as Pleiadians, is there a war or any type of battle going on?

There seems to be a mutual agreement to let the history and let the humans decide for themselves to validate the expression of free will, in this case.

Is this going to be made clear to people? Will people understand this?

The way we are directing this question is in synchronicities with the events unfolding in the very near future where masses, where big groups of people will awaken to higher truths, to more inner knowledge, which will shift and reshape everything that’s been known as of now, to the degree that even the most awakened soul cannot comprehend completely and fully understand.

Is there anything you can reveal about the rest of 2018 that might happen?

We are seeing somewhat an intensified period in October, December…and also mid-December. Some intensified political movements and screams for change and yelling for freedom. There will be a splitting happening after, this more attached and grounded into belief systems, in general.

And this is one of the events that will be unfolding?

This is more than one events, it is events happening after events happening. There will be distance and there will be time passing between other events, but it will be more of one after the other, like months, as we speak of months.

[18:24] Is there something greater planned for the year 2027?

You have the great possibility to re-create your civilization very much anew.

Is there greater…are the possibilities more likely that the so-called light side will win, rather than the so-called dark side? Or is it really all in our hands, so to speak?

What we can transmit with this vessel through this information flow is that the lighter parts as you name it, are overweight, are overweighting much, so the darker forces are losing their grounds and their reasoning for existence.

How can you relate your time to our time?

274 light years, approximately.

Is there anything you’d like to express about president Trump?

This president of yours, the puppet that is playing …most likely will win another presidential round, will extend after some other events that will heavily influence the consciousness of this nation.

Will there be secrets being revealed about the darker aspects of some groups of elite individuals happening?

It will be felt like a scream. It will be felt like a scream from you as the collective, and so those darker forces will have no choice, nowhere to hide. And with this, losing their powers, and their powers are in their secrets, and their secrets will be revealed.

And those actions will be put to an end? Of the rape, of the pedophilia, the human trafficking…

Those will be concepts of the past, yes. Those will be concepts of the past. We are repeating: those are concepts that will be removed.

And this is within 50-100 years?

This will happen very soon on this planet, yes. Yes, it will be soon. It will be very soon. It will end suffering.

Is there any role that the Queen of England is playing/will she leave this Earth soon?

Yes…this instrument of power and control will be unreasonable to match the frequencies hitting and expanding in you as a planet, as a human collective. You will reject those ideas.

Is this a certainty or a possibility?

This is the best possible outcome for this timeline, for this direction you choose.

Are you, as a group of the Arcturians assisting the love in humanity, are you assisting, or are you more observing?

We are here to take notes, to observe and to illustrate, and to connect with you in regards to your art – to your creative expression that you bring into this world, as we are in awe and applauding your creations in this way.

And that’s what we’re on Earth to do, is to create, and love?

You are giving meaning to yourself. Your life is all co-creation in the name of Love.



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