June 2018: Channeled Energy Reading

As the masses continue awakening into more truths about life, the laws of nature and who is really running the money system, the platform for new ideas has been prepared. In this month, we will be inspired to sit down in grace and solitude, and with heightened intuition we will fish for the new in us – new ideas, new thoughts, new desires, new values, etc. We desire to be centered in our path that we have chosen. We are preparing for the big uprising towards the end of this year, beginning around October, 2018. June will give us the opportunity for seeding creative thoughts into the collective mind. May the young ones lead the way and the old ones embrace the change it will bring.


The energies of this month are symbolized by the Black Panther. Blessed are the ones who possess the courage to stand alone in truth, and those who live a life of authenticity and honesty.


You are the captain of your vessel and in this month of June, the sea is smooth and the winds are calm and steady. This is the moment you were longing for after sailing through some turbulence over the past months. You will now have the opportunity to re-organize your life, to ‘catch’ some new ideas which enrich your life experience, enriching life in itself. The idea is to take the number 33 into your heart, the number of the path of mastery, wisdom and purity.


All things are possible. The Ascended Masters are here to assist you with your unique gifts and strengths, to leave behind old beliefs and habits, to leave everything that is not serving you in your authenticity and honesty, and to embrace the new. New thoughts are creating our future. Tune in ;).


— Michael Singeisen


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