The Grid, Code A, Code 144

The Grid, Code A, Code 144

Through Michael’s channeling of the Beings of Light, we’ve put together a synthesis of transcripts regarding the Grid, Code A and code 144 to explain and emphasize their importance at this time.

The Grid: The pure white light crystalline grid is above and surrounding Earth. This grid was created by higher beings many years ago, and is now stable and supporting Earth’s ascension. This grid is an energetic template for the New Earth. It is made out of light, sound and thought-forms. It is like technology containing consciousness – all life is receiving new DNA, information and codes through the grid.

Code A: Code A is a new code in this universe. It is the frequencies of Pure Love and bliss. Code A first came into Earth on September 13 – 15, 2017, through the grid, acting as an upgrade to it.

Code A is being expressed through the grid. The collective is healing through Code A, as it effects the body structure. Pure Love is changing the universe through Earth.

144: There is a soul group on Earth containing code 144: these are the original souls of the universe as direct reflections of Prime Source. This is a code for pure harmony. These souls are accessing the original software of the universe. The 144 are manifesting Code A at this time through the grid.


Vision: angelic beings working with Pleiadians on a grid above Earth: a crystalline grid.
I heard, “The matrix is falling, the net is falling, the veil is thinner…”
The grid is clear: crystal clear. Pure love is holding the grid. The ugly and dark energy is losing, it’s falling. The grid is holding the vibration of purple, pink, pure light…the grid lines are connected with Earth. Mother Earth is in pain. She is rejecting the dark, and receiving new Light energy. (October 9, 2017)

Jeshua: The 144,000 are now mostly in place. They are activated. They received, and now they are planting seeds in the collective. This is exciting! There is love in the seeds. The grid is more stable, more organized. The beings of Light and entities of higher dimensions are in place, in position, and are celebrating! Mother Earth is working together with the 144 to purify the collective’s heart. (10/10/10)

Commander Ashtar: DNA is being encoded through the grid. The grid is giving new data and light to the elements. What’s happening is a synchronization with the crystalline grid and all the elements. Darkness is falling. Gaia has rejected the 3D structures. (October 15, 2017)

Beings from Osidius: The grid is complete. The grid can be used to utilize the frequencies for healing in many ways. It will happen through the birth of the female energy. You are the builders of grids like these, and this one is unique.

Commander Ashtar: The 144 are all singing in harmony. All are in place. Code A will be first. Sing your song. All 144 are singing! Many of them are in communion, some are not…They are singing songs of harmony, doing what they need to do. The grid, and 144 are preparing this crystalline transformation. This is the purest light. (October 17, 2017)

Commander Ashtar: Healing for the collective is being done as your bodies adopt to the new birth of the grid. This is now the completed and amplified grid. You are receiving new DNA from the grid, as of now! The grid’s crystalline structure will be amplified in time.
Amanda: What is it made of?
Commander Ashtar: Light, sound and thought-forms. It’s like technology containing consciousness. Prime Source is creating the grid. Since you are also Prime Source, you are creating the grid, as everything is creating the grid. The grid works as a template for the New Earth. This is why thought-forms are so important. Think new thoughts into the collective!

Code A: This is a new code in this universe. Code A is: Pure Love; bliss. Code A is being expressed through the grid and through the chosen humans on Earth. (October 18, 2017)

Commander Ashtar: Code A is a new code. Not in its concept, but it is new in this universe. It is pure Love. It is beyond light. It is the only thing that can change Earth. Nothing will be left that’s not pure Love. You chose to go through miles of darkness so you can jump into the Light. A new code and song has been purified – this code will change the universe through Earth. Code A first came to Earth September 13 – 15, 2017.

144 is the code for the original souls of Prime Source as direct reflections of Prime Source in the 11th dimension – to reach the ultimate destination of melting into All That Is. 144 is a code. To use your understanding, it’s like software in your computer. The original codes defining plus or minus, as an example. 144 is a code for a group of souls. The 144 will create Code A because the original codes were damaged by the Anunnakis (before Atlantis). There was always a battle with darker forces, but they’re losing now. The grid is making them weak. (October 19, 2017)

Commander Ashtar: Code A is being programmed into the grid – it’s being fed by different beings. It’s an update, an ad-on. This upgrade happened September 13-15.

Amanda: The souls with code 144 – are they all connected to this upgraded grid?

Commander Ashtar: They’re all singing the song. There are no fragments anymore – all are activated. You are bringing the light of the New Earth as code 144 – through messages, new thought forms, and creative expression within this existence. A timeline of prosperity and abundance is being created. (October 22, 2017)

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    I am thankful to be a part of repairs and new codes of souls

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      we are grateful as well!

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