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We are here. The Pleiadian teachings are now heading into a tipping point, where you as the collective need to make some decisions. To be brave. To step forward, as union, in the union of the light, of the light that you are. We are here.

We are here, serving you in many ways. So here it is. Stay true in your power, in the wisdom. In the loving nature, you are focused on love, detached. We are here with you. Call up on the blue colour of us. The blue light. This is important. We are entering an important time.

A time with more relaxed energies, giving you the opportunity to open up the rest of what’s been left to work through within – the love that has been given to you for so long. The exhilarated wheels of your chosen timeline are now entering a new manifestation cycle, as we are heading towards the moon in Pisces (referring to the New Moon in Pisces on March 17th, 2018).

Light, light, there will be more light shined into the collective. Light will be shined like the codes you received since last September, as another cycle is ending as we are heading towards a major portal. The major portal in March which will be amplified in April. The big spring of 2018 is coming. The big spring of the new.

Amanda: Can you talk about detachment?

Detachment is the art of surrendering to what is. The art of being the observer, the observer of All That Is. Question everything you know, every day new, in every moment. It’s the questions. It’s the power in the question where you will find the inner wisdom. The answers will come. It’s the questions that will bring you further in this time. Formulate and restructure your questions in a way that you receive precise answers. As of now, abilities are intensifying as more and more stress is falling off, as shadow work has been done and is completed. The detachment will now serve you. The triggers are necessary. You are walking a lonely path, but soon many will join you, as this awakening and ascension process is now reaching new heights; reaching the level you haven’t experienced for so long. We’re talking about times of Atlantis and times before that, as this civilization is now is reaching a collective threshold with deciding factors.

The deciding factors in all this are the questions: How deep can you love? How deep can you reach into your true heart? These are the questions. Can you surrender to your emotions? Can you surrender to what is? Can you always forgive yourself new, as you forgive others? Can you accept the teachings of Christ, the oneness in you? Those are the questions that need to be answered, as we are receiving the necessary information until this spring of new. This spring of new flowers. There are species waiting for you. There will be new connections made with extra-terrestrial races. Embrace it. As this world is shifting away from the 3D matrix, we are sending you so much love.

Amanda: How do you define surrendering?

Surrendering is detachment. Surrendering is being selfless. With the observer role, you are protecting yourself, with the awareness that you are playing a tiny little puzzle piece in a big game that we call life. This awareness will be intensified, and you will be happy with it. You will surrender, knowing that you are nothing. You are nothing and you are everything, as the extension of All That Is.

Amanda: So how do we go through our day to day tasks with being in the observer role all the time?

Does the ant know which task needs to be done? The ant just knows. Serving the collective, the ant knows. And so you will wake up to the frequencies of some impulses that serve the greater good, the greater collective. Surrender to those frequencies, like almost on auto-pilot. On auto-pilot, you will instinctively know how to serve humanity, this collective mind. With this, comes surrendering. With this, you will realize the programming that’s been done in your DNA by the Annunakis. And so step away from the social programming that’s been done, as you instinctively know, like the animals, like the ants building the castle for the queen.

Amanda: Is the collective ready to hear about the Annunaki and the 4D collective mind?

The collective will never be ready for any information. The collective will receive the frequencies. The frequencies of freedom. The frequencies of peace. It will receive the frequencies of the deeper wisdom in yourself, as your heart is the gateway. You will all learn how to channel. You will all learn how to receive abilities, to access the information from us, from different dimensional sources. It will be all a beautiful dance. The wars are won, the peace is here. A new elevated energy will flow into this experience, into the human collective by spring. This is all being prepared. And as you are using your technology to know what is working and what is not, smooth will be the way. And the path will be made. The path is always serving the higher good, the higher purpose, the higher involvement of yourself, as you evolve and expand your own DNA.

Amanda: Do we create every single event and everything we experience?

Yes, of course you do. We’re all co-creating every experience in every moment, with every single word, with every single thought and every single emotion. We are co-creating this experience.

Amanda: So what about a baby born into poverty or an abusive family?

They choose to be so. It is being managed by the energies, by agendas, by information of higher realms. Discernment is key. The choice in the moment is always yours. Never forget, you are the choice maker. You are here to define your own experience. You are here, co-creating. With this awareness, you can co-create the experience you want to have. As you also choose on many levels, the ones that are serving you for higher purpose. The souls being killed, the souls being raped, the souls being stolen, the tortured ones, are all here serving you, telling you the same message: Do you want that? Do you desire that? Is this what you as the human collective want to have in this new paradigm? They are the messengers. They come back, serving another high purpose. In many times, the lowest will be the greatest and the greatest will be lowest.

Amanda: But are they suffering still?

Suffering is co-creation. Suffering is perspective. Suffering and pain is here to know the light.

The co-creation is always new, and always serving, being spoken or not. It’s being created in your minds, in the connection, in the willingness to open yourself for this deeper understanding and wisdom of the heart. We said it before, you are co-creating an experience, and you choose. You are the choice maker.

Amanda: And you (the Pleiadians), are completing some of your karma at this time?

Yes, we are. We are also serving our own agenda, of course. With the awareness that we are the choice maker in this universe. We made choices, and we will make new choices. And to channel information in this way is a choice, in itself.

Amanda: Are the Anus still running the collective mind?

Yes, of course. They are here and they’re running the collective mind. They’re influencing the collective mind now with the frequencies of other agendas. The similarities with this situation resembles the ideas, the concept that once were not processed completely. But now, in this time, you are once again confronted with the same questions: How far do you have to go to know the light? How far do you have to go to know the dark? What is serving? What is not? It is time to speak up. We are all in this together, in the name of love. We are here, enriching you, with the information needed at this time.

Amanda: What’s your message for the collective?

The confusion that’s going on right now is healthy. It is very natural and organic. The confusion will be greater and wider. Be tough, to step out of your own comfort zone and bring more wisdom into the collective. You are the great light. You are the center and the focus of All That Is, in itself, as you are willing and have accepted the role, and the greater responsibility to bring all the love that the world needs right now into existence.

We need now to say one last word. Always believe in your self. Always. Believe. Trust. And love. In the name of All That Is. We are the choice makers, remember this.

Michael is a trance channeler of many beings of light including the frequencies resembling the Pleiadians.

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