Messages from Mary Magdalene..Wave of New Humanity

How beautiful are the roses growing in a field…
Now the taste of a New Earth.
The thorns are falling off, my child.

Soon the leaves will fall.
You will enrich Earth with new information of nutritional and organic nature,
In time for spring.

So much love…
The roses are growing,
Stretching itself,
Blessed are the ones in honour of their beauty.

My child, we are born. We are now ready to be born again into new. Await the special children coming to Earth. Blessed are their mothers, taking on the role of this wave of new humanity.

Amanda: There is so much transformation happening…

Mary: It is because of the feminine energy rising. It is through us this new world is created first. Our nurturing frequencies are transforming the last shadows into flowers, like roses. We are celebrating, supporting together in a harmonic dance in this duality. The shift in consciousness will be wide. Many will follow their bliss, and bliss will be more and more supported. We are celebrating. We are in love.

Amanda: How do you describe love?

Mary: Love is the force of universes, the original intent of creation…the idea of continuing the expression of All That Is.

Michael is a trance channeler of many ascended masters including Mary Madgalene.

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