A Message from Yeshua for the Collective

“I am the one you call Yeshua. We are coming to speak to the One, as I am collecting the unpurified elements and bringing it back together in the unity of the One in the name of Love. It has been said that in this time, the weapons will disappear. It is the time, and the time is near, that this will happen in your collective.

It has been said that in this time, it is of importance to pray with pure intent, to speak wisely and do not judge your neighbour. Your loved ones are you – you are the loved ones. May the spirit and expression of All That Is be your instant reflection of your unique creation.

Do not fear anything. There is more Love on the way. There is support on the way. Many are celebrating at this time. So much progress has made in the name of Pure Love. As we channel more and more, we are receiving and sending the codes of the One into the hearts of all life, into the cell, in one command, to prepare for the shifting of frequencies into higher dimensions. We are all here in the name of Love, in the One, to continue life on this planet in a harmonic dance with the original blueprint of All That Is.

You are the messenger you are seeking. You always were. Go inside and find the prayers of wisdom and unconditional Love to All That Is.

May you all be blessed in the name of Pure Love. Amen.”

Michael is a trance channeler of many ascended masters including Yeshua/Christ.

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