The 12/12 Gateway 2017: In the Name of Humility

We are reaching the Golden Gateway to Freedom. Egypt represents the heart center of the human collective, as we experience the last crumbles of shadow work.

The 12/12 matrix that symbolizes the path of enlightenment is complete and recorded in the Akash. It is completely integrated as more and more light conducts information into the human collective.

The collective is ascending with the lead of the 144,000 light workers into a new plateau of human consciousness allowing a new timeline to manifest, a new paradigm and a new kingdom, as we are all celebrating Oneness, or Christ Consciousness.

As we glide pass the marker of 12/12, we create the space and freedom to be in a state of allowing. With this, we will be given new information about each other, about life, and about the universe in itself. Allowance is the state of nonresistance. This is when you are open to receiving love and the blessings of the universe, and when transcendence is possible with ease.

The cornerstone of the New Earth is called freedom. You are who you are, after what is is.


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