Commander Ashtar on the 12/12 Gateway

Commander Ashtar: 12/12 is marking a peak for the next evolutionary process of integrating the new light codes and information from Prime Source into a reality of Christ Consciousness, extended psychic abilities, unity thinking and believing, social harmony,  and enormous healing powers. New information from Prime Source is taking over in all aspects, in all life, in all vibrational frequencies. You are in the change of transformation.

In the first stage, it will be all about healing. Self healing, nurturing thoughts from Prime Source will be channeled by the grid into your collective consciousness, inspiring you to seek the answers within yourself.

Amanda: What’s happening with our DNA?

Commander Ashtar: To use the analogy, it is in alert situation. It is activated, yet still there are switches to be flipped, so to speak. The 12 strands are just the base of what’s coming in the near future.

Amanda: How many strands are there?

Commander Ashtar: There are 13. It is the template that exists within. It is not activated yet. It is in the process of being activated. The 12 strands are activated now and the 13th will be activated in this next period – very very soon. It is in a very close time frame.

Amanda: What will the 13th strand enable us to do?

Commander Ashtar: It will give you the ability to switch dimension at will. It will give you the conscious experience in all your different levels of existence. It involves intense data which the mind as of now in this human species cannot comprehend.

You are in the Photon Belt as of now which is a channel of even more intensified information as the light particle in itself experiences a very low density to each other. This will impact the 3D reality in your conscious experience.

Amanda: How?

Commander Ashtar: Everything, all information, will increasingly be better received and sent and so the path of least resistance is amplified and exhilarated. The light codes are reflecting in each other in intense density. The light codes in similarity will push and pull into higher speed which then changes the model/structure of divine geometry. There are new light codes coming to Earth. The new information is coming through sacred geometry. As you ascend into higher vibrations and higher dimensions, the geometry is getting more complex. The geometry is the make up of the template and codes from Prime Source directly. It is how to instruct certain creations manifested in 3D.

Michael is a trance channeler of many beings of light including Commander Ashtar.

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