Conversations with Mary Magdalene: Guidance for the Masculine and Feminine

Amanda: What is your guidance for the collective?

Mary: Be the love you seek, my child. Do not hesitate to speak your truth. Embrace all feminine energies with you as diamonds being carried by kings.

Amanda: Is feminine energy what came through in the 11/11 star gate?

Mary: Yes. The feminine energy is within every soul…growing. This time is about healing now. Heal through your mother. Heal the mother in you. Mother energies are healing beyond the veil. This is for all souls connected very strongly with us [The Order of the Magdalene] as the feminine birth the creation frequencies.

Amanda: Is the masculine energy suffering more now?

Mary: Yes.

Amanda: What is most needed from the feminine?

Mary: Let them get in touch with their hearts, without attachments. Let them get in touch with their hearts, without judgement. Let them get in touch with their hearts, without beliefs.

Amanda: How do we do that?

Mary: Speak your truth always. Find the truth in your words. Carry the frequencies of pure love in your expression. Focus on the heart. Focus on the heart. Heart is the kingdom…The kings are coming.

Amanda: Who are the kings?

Mary: There are many more coming, being born…leaders, ascended masters…right now. There are many, many, many different souls from different places…all crunching into Earth to be, to witness, this time of Earth. The best of…timing, waiting, for the experience of uplifting, re-creating Gaia, Mother Earth, to her glory. Engrain of the light.

My child,
I am leaving.
You are so blessed,
We love you.

Michael is a trance channeler of many ascended masters including Mary Madgalene.

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