A Message from Mary Magdalene


“My child,

Be born again.

Rejoice a new hope!


It’s inner love you seek.

It’s in Love you will transform into a new human being.


I am the one with Jesus

the one you call Son of God.


I am here with many, my child.

The child’s are born

Flowering the seeds of a new kingdom of gold.


Blessed, you are

The one surrendering

To what is within.


What’s new comes forth

To a space untouched

By nothing else

Than the source of God.


My child

Leave those fears behind.

Happy is the one cultivating the new feminine aspects

Rooting in Gaia

Into your heart.


We join in peace

We join in harmony.


My child

You are safe

You are so loved.”

Michael is a trance channeler of ascended masters including Mary Magdalene.

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