Commander Ashtar: The 13th Experiment is Over

Ashtar: Lumeria: 11. Atlantis: 12. This is the number of civilizations which dominated Earth. The current one is #13: Experiment 13. This means new DNA.
Amanda: Who operates this experiment?
Ashtar: The Anunnaki…of course the Anunnakis.
Amanda When did it start?
Ashtar: 13,000 years ago. When Atlantis sank. Experiment 13 is ending now. It already happened – now it’s changing to the New Earth – A New civilization. You will receive new thought forms from ETs and beings from Orion, and others. You will help with creating the New Earth with new technology. New thoughts. Healing will be complete in 2022 for many souls.
Michael is a trance channeler of many beings including Commander Ashtar. He is the Pleiadian director of the Ashtar Command (in this transcription he says the Galactic Command): a division of millions of beings/star ships dedicated to assisting Earth and humanity’s purification and ascension process.
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