A Message from the Watchers

We are the watchers. The witness. Distant in the records of Akasha: the library of all time. The knowledge of all ages. The wisdom
We are all watching – we are the watchers – from far, far away. We are watching you for a long time, for a very long time. This is the time now to begin the new tide – be prepared.
Amanda: What message do you have for the collective?
This is the time to step down to pedal – this is the time to push. Your name will be heard; your name will be heard so that it aligns with the force of Love. Witness. Witness the birth hour – it’s greater than your imagination.
New Earth – A New civilization. You will receive new thought forms from ETs and beings from Orion, and others. You will help with creating the New Earth with new technology. New thoughts. Healing will be complete in 2022 for many souls.
Michael is a trance channeler of many beings including the Watchers. We believe the Watchers are the Arcturians.
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