A Message from Archangel Michael

“So high are the waves of the ocean…so high are the waves of pure love…
You are deciding now, how high you can go.
This is the time to sing the song. This is the time to dance. This is the time to create the waves and reach for higher and higher states.
Let us hear the trumpets. Let us hear the song…
Who will decide for all?
Sing, never stop singing. Sing your song.
The trumpets are loud. They are powerful. They will be heard.
Stay focused. If you need your start, use it. Do not hesitate. Be the voice of truth. Heal. Be strong. Be determined. Be powerful. Be the extension of Prime Source. You are going, and you are moving. And you will decide what will continue.
Rise high. With love arise brothers and sisters. We are you; you are me. Use it. Stay in the power; pray; that’s why  I’m with you, helping you. Be the sword. Never hesitate.”
Michael is a trance channeler of many Arch Angels including Archangel Michael.
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