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Welcome. My Name is Michael. I help with my intuitive gifts.

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Michael Singeisen Profile

Michael Singeisen

Intuitive Consultant

Welcome to my page. I’m Michael, Intuitive Consultant, gifted with clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient abilities. I help with downloading, decoding, feeling into your questions to find answers from lifes spirit – from a higher, less dense dimensional realm. I can help with healing prayers, connect with animals, people passed over or not. I can help to give you a sense of the most likely future.


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November 2022


charlmayne alto
charlmayne alto

I have received a few readings, but none were quite like Michael’s. Michael uses his gifts to truly connect to you on a subconscious level. There has never been a time when I was left without clarity. I love that he includes an infographic for deeper understanding. I refer back to it as needed. Michael’s energy is amazing & he never pushes fear. I feel like his readings are informative & solution-based. He is and will continue to be my go-to intuitive reader💖

Charlmayne Alto

This was an amazing experience for me! I began communicating with Michael through twitter and I had many questions. This led me to request a spiritual reading from him. I gave him my permission to enter my energy and within less than 24 hours Michael finished my reading. The results were breathtaking! Talk about goosebumps! All of the information correlated with what is currently going on during my spiritual journey. I’ve never been this blown away before in my life! The reading I received has definitely helped me on my journey and has reassured me that I am on the right path. Michael is truly amazing!

Donovan, USA

This was an amazing experience for me

Michaels reading was absolutely amazing. Absolutely spot on. I’ve gained so much clarity since our session and I am so grateful that I inquired. With such divine timing, he delivered this message perfectly to me. Just what I have needed. Thank you again.

Ayana, USA

Michael’s reading was absolutely spot on

From the moment you reach out to Michael, you are met with sincere warmth & connection. He immediately radiates an energy of comfort and genuine care. I received a Channeled Soul session from Michael and was truly left speechless. The messages were so personal & uplifting and mentioned very specific symbolism that resonated so deeply. He is such a clear, gifted Channel. Connecting with Michael is truly connecting you with your own soul. An absolutely beautiful, heartwarming experience. Michael, you are a Light to this world & I am so grateful for you.

Jessica, Cayman Islands

You are met with sincere warmth & connection

Michael’s connection to Source, psychic channelling gifts and purity are unequivocal. If you are looking for a master’s in psychic healing – you found him! You will be astonished, it really is that simple.

Diane, USA

Michael’s connection to Source

My first reading with Michael was profound, and a significant turning point in my life. In the weeks and months since we have met many more times and I have simply been digesting and calibrating to the information that Michael gave me about the origin of my soul and significant past lives. His readings seemed to confirm some things I already knew for my whole life but I could never conceptualize or put words to. Michael has helped me to uncover a lost and sleeping potential like he is helping me find a light, a compass in my soul that I have long forgotten about, but still burns strong. When we first met, there was an inner knowing, a heart knowing, that was activated by the information that Michael delivered to me, it transcended the rational mind. Everything he said felt true and real, in my heart, and I couldn’t deny the resonance I felt with his words. The visions and messages that he relays from my higher self, are vivid and provide valuable insights about my future path. He deciphers the meaning and symbolism in my dreams and can tell me what the overall message is from my higher self. Michael knows and feels things intuitively about my experiences, which saves us the time of even speaking about something. He has already felt what I felt. Since the first session I have felt safe, comfortable, and a deep sense of trust. Michael speaks directly from the heart and it is evident that he has dedicated his life to this path. His love and authentic nature are deeply felt in my heart.

Peter, USA

A significant turning point in my life

Michael’s assistance and abilities were recommended to me by a friend at a time where I felt I needed assistance and guidance. My sessions with him have been transformative in how his insight and guidance greatly resonates with everything I am experiencing in those moments. Through this Soul Coaching program, I have found a greater sense of alignment with my higher self and more confidence in my intuitive abilities. Michael has been incredibly gracious and helpful, as his work is truly one of the greatest gifts I have experienced.

Jade, Canada

Michael’s assistance and abilities

Since agreeing to work with Michael he has become a lighthouse in often rocky waters. Consistent, reliable and always within reach – no matter how distant I feel. During our sessions, no stone is left unturned, no topic is deemed unworthy and interaction with him always feels inclusive and Real. When communicating with him I am always comfortable in my authentic expression, leaving me free to be who I am in that very moment – all Light and Shadow. Michael is intuitively gifted in knowing when to respect where he finds you and when to gently encourage you to move beyond limitations. A gifted channeler and seer he has provided insight and clarity that has empowered and enabled me to begin creating the life I was meant to live. I have transformed considerably since committing to Michael’s Soul Coaching Program and all for the better. Energetic and tangible shifts that I have long sought after have been manifested under his guidance. Ultimately he has acted as a guide, one who has lovingly taken me on a journey to meet myself. Because of him I now know all that I was, all that I am and all that I can become. Knowing and working with Michael has been a divine experience, one that I will always treasure.

Antonio, UK

A lighthouse in often rocky waters

Let me tell you, working with Michael has been an absolute blessing. The depth of information he is able to bring forth is incredible, and always extremely relevant. Spirit knows exactly what you need to move forward in your life, and Michael is able to bring it to you. He receives and presents you with remarkable insight in a multifaceted way; scenery drawings, songs, passages, Soul messages, energies, aura, future, and more. I really love the Soul messages. On top of all the remarkable information, you receive you get to spend time with Michael himself. This is a wonderful opportunity to get feedback and support in every area of your life. His compassion and heart are beautiful, and he works to empower you in your wholeness. He is truly a great mentor, friend, and Soul. If you are serious about working on yourself, the mentor program with Michael will prove to be invaluable.

Chris – USA

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