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Welcome all, we are so glad you found us. Our insights and services come from a place deep within our hearts, coupled with a passion for channeling and helping others strengthen their intuition. We are excited to connect with you!

Michael Singeisen
Michael Singeisen – Harmonic Healing

“The only real valuable thing is intuition” – Albert Einstein

Knowledge, wisdom, meaning, insight and valuable information can be accessed through the world of intuitive interpretation. Outside our 5 senses, messages can be perceived and received for yourself or others. Translating, integrating and potentially following those messages can dramatically enrich your life in many ways, such as offering you a sense of fulfillment and direction.

Michael developed his intuitive gifts for most of his life. As a clairsentient, he is passionate about feelings and emotions, he can feel into people, animals, situations, the collective mind. Furthermore, he is able to ask for a visual interpretation, which he then decodes either by himself or together during a live session.

Music is a lifelong love of Michael’s, and often he hears direct messages, songs or sounds in his sessions with clients, either in his native language Swiss-German or in the music of artists.

We are all born with very unique and diverse intuitive gifts. Michael’s highest aspiration is to help others discover, to strengthen and to use those abilities, to create a magical life full of joy and rich experiences.


Book a live video session with Michael. For first time clients, the rate is 50cents/min; regular sessions are 1$/min. Please email Michael at or fill out the form below and you will be contacted to schedule an appointment.

Whether you are seeking relief, clarity, guidance, self-awareness, empowerment, vitality or a heart-to-heart connection, we offer information and services that combine the arts of ancient wisdom, research, quantum physics, Reiki, and psychic healing. We want to support you in re-discovering your own inner guidance so you may align with the truth of your core. We are very excited to present and practice knowledge based on the wisdom of ancient sources and modern channelling in our own unique way. We invite you to connect with us on a meaningful level in the pursuit of purposeful, abundant and harmonic living!

– Amanda Solda and Michael Singeisen