healing from the inside out

At Harmonic Healing, we provide transformative tools, insights and services that prompt opportunities for you to heal and grow. We see healing as returning to balance and harmony with your environment, body, mind and soul. We want to support you in stress management, establishing a deeper spiritual connection, healing the layers of unconsciousness and creating the life you desire – from the inside out.

Amanda & Michael

Meditation Live in Morpeth ON, Canada

Starting April 2, 2019, join us Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm EST in our home while we gather to explore different meditation practices, stress-reduction techniques and mindfulness exercises.

Contact us to learn more about Michael’s Intuitive Development Program. Limited Spots Available!

Live Video Counseling with Amanda and Michael

Receive intuitive guidance about a range of topics such as love, career, the spiritual journey and more.

Video Spiritual Counseling session with Amanda

for open discussion, insight and support related to your personal and spiritual development.

Live Spiritual Counseling
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Live Psychic Session with Michael

for quick and detailed insight into your questions.

Live Psychic Reading
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Whether you are seeking relief, clarity, guidance, self-awareness, empowerment, vitality or a heart-to-heart connection, we offer information and services that combine the arts of ancient wisdom, research, quantum physics, Reiki, and psychic healing. We want to support you in re-discovering your own inner guidance so you may align with the truth of your core. We are very excited to present and practice knowledge based on the wisdom of ancient sources and modern channelling in our own unique way. We invite you to connect with us on a meaningful level in the pursuit of purposeful, abundant and harmonic living!

– Amanda Solda and Michael Singeisen

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